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Will getting a DUI cost you your job?

It is an unfortunate truth, but it is possible to lose your job because of a DUI. Whether you drive for work or not, your employer may have rules that put an end to your employment with them. If you do drive for work, being unable to drive due to a DUI could limit your…

When a DUI becomes a felony in Colorado

You might not consider driving after drinking to be as bad as stealing from a shop or committing another crime. Yet, you may be forced to reconsider if you are charged with a felony DUI. This can happen when a court considers that there were aggravating factors to your DUI charge. For example: You have…

Does it help to buy your own breath test?

You don’t want to get a DUI. You do still want to have a drink with dinner or go out for drinks with your friends. You just want to make sure that your BAC is under the legal limit.  What you decide is to purchase your own breath test. You find it on Amazon and…