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Rape is one of the most serious sex crimes you can be accused of. If you have been accused of rape, it is crucial that you reach out to an experienced Lakewood criminal defense lawyer for help. Your life and freedom are on the line, so you need to mount a strong defense immediately. The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic help clients throughout the state who have been charged with sex crimes at our offices in Lakewood and Summit County, Colorado. 

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How Colorado Law Defines The Crime Of Rape

CRS 18-3-402 defines rape or sexual assault as knowingly intruding or sexually penetrating someone under any of the following circumstances:

  • The defendant uses or threatens force
  • The defendant has other people help with the assault
  • The defendant uses or brandishes a weapon
  • The defendant knows the alleged victim is incapable of understanding the nature of the conduct
  • The defendant has caused the alleged victim to be unable to consent by giving them an intoxicant or drug
  • The defendant threatens death, serious bodily injury, extreme pain, or kidnapping of the alleged victim or someone else
  • The alleged victim consents because they mistakenly believe the defendant is their spouse
  • The victim is age 14 or younger and the defendant is at least four years older 
  • The victim is 15 or 16 years old and the defendant is at least 10 years older
  • The defendant works at a hospital or other institution where the alleged victim is detained or the defendant has supervisory or disciplinary authority over the alleged victim and uses this authority to get the victim to submit
  • The defendant is providing a medical service, providing medical treatment, or examining the victim for a medical purpose when the offending act occurs
  • The alleged victim is physically helpless, and the defendant knows it

A rape conviction can result in years’ imprisonment, so it’s vital to mount an aggressive defense against these charges. 

Protecting Your Freedom With Aggressive Defense Strategies

As a former prosecutor, I, Elaine Lukic, understand the importance of getting ahead of these types of charges. As an experienced Lakewood sex crimes attorney, I can provide an aggressive defense that may include arguments such as:

  • The victim consented – When appropriate, we can argue that the victim consented to the sexual contact. 
  • You did not have knowledge – You might not have known the victim was unable to consent and should not be charged with this crime. 
  • Law enforcement conducted an illegal search – Law enforcement may have obtained damaging evidence against you that may be suppressed if it can be proven that it was illegally obtained. 
  • Allegations are false – False allegations sometimes emerge when romantic relationships go astray, your ex is trying to get revenge against you, or your ex is trying to get an upper hand in a family law case.
  • The victim was not impaired – In cases in which you are accused of intoxicating the victim, we may argue the victim was not impaired. They may have simply regretted the sexual act after the fact. 
  • The victim is near your age – It may be a defense under the Romeo/Juliet provision if you are near the victim’s age.

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