A Former Sex Crimes & Domestic Violence Prosecutor —

Who Knows How To Win

Colorado Criminal Defense Attorney

The complexities of criminal law cases can be intimidating to those accused of crimes. If you are in this situation, you may be worried about what will happen to you — and you may be confused about how you even got arrested and charged.

Trust your case to me, attorney Elaine Lukic. Since 1998, I have dedicated my career to criminal law, including starting my career as a prosecutor for domestic violence and sex assault cases. With offices in Lakewood and Frisco, Colorado, I provide strong criminal defense representation to clients throughout the state.

My Comprehensive Criminal Defense Practice

My comprehensive practice includes all phases of criminal defense representation, for both felony and misdemeanor crimes. Cases I handle include:

  • DUI charges — including interlocutory hearings, DMV hearings, appeals and District Court trials for DMV decisions, jury trials and motion hearings regarding suppression of evidence obtained in violation of the Fourth Amendment
  • Drug offenses — including possession, possession with intent to distribute, manufacturing and prescription fraud
  • Theft, burglary and criminal mischief
  • Domestic violence, including restraining order charges
  • Sexual assault, including rape, child pornography and sex assault of a child
  • Assault
  • Harassment
  • Weapons charges
  • Securities fraud — state and federal charges
  • Internet crimes
  • Criminal issues for tourists at resort areas

Using My Experience To Obtain The Best Possible Outcomes

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer, I have a deep understanding of the nuances of the law and the legal process. I understand what district attorneys are looking for and what types of matters can be negotiated out of court. My goal is to get client cases dismissed. If that is not possible, I work diligently toward the best possible outcome. Often I can also fight to get the charge removed from clients’ criminal records.

Whenever possible, I also try to get to the root of the problems that are facing my clients. If alcohol or drug abuse is part of the issue, I will work to get DUI and drug offenders into rehabilitation programs as an alternative to incarceration.

To get help for your criminal charges, call me at 800-478-8859. Or send an online message and tell me about your situation. I will return all messages promptly and personally.