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Lakewood Criminal Defense Attorney

The complexities of criminal law cases can be intimidating to those accused of crimes. If you are in this situation, you may be worried about what will happen to you — and you may be confused about how you even got arrested and charged.

Trust your case to me, Attorney Elaine Lukic. Since 1998, I have dedicated my career to criminal law, including starting my career as a prosecutor for domestic violence and sexual assault cases. With offices in Lakewood and Frisco, Colorado, I provide strong criminal defense representation to clients throughout the state.

Why Hire a Lakewood Defense Attorney

When you are facing serious criminal charges, you need a Lakewood defense attorney who can mount a serious defense on your behalf. Some of the reasons why you should hire a criminal defense lawyer and me specifically are:

  • I know the system – The criminal justice system can be confusing for many people, especially those who have never faced criminal charges before. I have worked in the criminal justice system for over 25 years, so you can trust that I have an intimate understanding of the laws that can impact you and how to aggressively defend you against charges. 
  • I have the experience you can rely on – I have over a quarter century of experience working in the criminal justice system. Some of this experience was obtained as a former prosecutor, so I know how the other side works – and how to take them down. I have experience handling various types of crimes, including felony and misdemeanor offenses, sex assault, assault, domestic assault, stalking, sex crimes, property crimes, burglary, robbery, driving under the influence, drug possession, and many more. You can trust that I can handle any criminal charges you are facing.
  • I can protect your interests – I know that you are likely terrified in this situation. You might even be considering talking to the authorities about what happened so you can clear your name. However, there is rarely a good idea. I have your best interests at heart and can advise you on what to do – and not do – to protect your rights, such as refusing to talk to police, agreeing to a polygraph test, or consenting to a search. These tactics are almost always used to obtain evidence against a suspect, not to “clear their name” as police claim.
  • Consequences are serious – When you are facing serious consequences like years behind bars, mandatory psychiatric treatment, probation, stiff fines, and/or registration as a sex offender, you need an attorney who has the skills to effectively protect you from these harsh consequences. Your freedom is at stake, so your choice in your criminal defense attorney is the most important one. 
  • I can guide you through the process – I know you probably have many questions about the road ahead: What are the potential penalties? Will I lose custody of my children? What type of defense can I raise? Will I be incarcerated? Will I receive probation or parole? During this uncertain time, it’s critical to work with an experienced Lakewood criminal defense attorney who can aggressively protect your rights and answer any questions you have throughout the process.
  • I get results – You don’t want to work with a novice lawyer when your freedom is at stake. Instead, you want to work with an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has a strong track record of success. I have achieved dismissals and acquittals in many cases in which others thought there was no hope.

When you are facing criminal charges, trust your case to no other than Attorney Elaine Lukic. We offer a free case review where we can discuss the charges against you and how we can help. Contact us today to get started. 

Common Defense Strategies

The best defense is an aggressive offense, so this is why I start my criminal defense by trying to get the charges dismissed against you. Police may have violated your rights, such as failing to obtain a warrant before searching or seizing your property. Or, the prosecution may not have sufficient evidence against you to support its heavy burden of proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. I use my extensive knowledge and experience in the criminal justice system to exploit weaknesses in the prosecution’s case. 

If an outright dismissal of your charges is not possible in your case, I fight zealously on your behalf for acquittal at trial. I can discuss the prospect of going to trial, along with the pros and cons. If you would like, I can also try to negotiate a deal with the prosecution on your behalf that best achieves your interests. Whichever way you choose to go with your case, my goal is to reduce or eliminate the criminal consequences. 

Many defenses could apply to your case. I can use my experience and insight to determine the defenses that are the most likely to be successful for your particular case. Depending on the circumstances, a viable defense could be: 

  • Consent – For sex-related offenses and other crimes, consent may be a viable defense. It can sometimes be challenging to prove this defense, but when it is successful, it can result in an acquittal.
  • Mental incapacity – In some cases, your decision-making ability could be affected by mental incapacity. A successful defense can result in a not-guilty verdict. 
  • False accusations – It is not uncommon for jealous romantic partners, former friends, or co-parents to lie or exaggerate. They may be trying to seek revenge, gain an upper hand in a custody case, or have you removed from a shared property and misuse the criminal justice system to achieve these ends. I can fight back against these accusations and question the credibility of the accuser.
  • Self-defense – In assault cases and other crimes involving physical violence, it may be a defense that you were protecting yourself or others from harm. 
  • Misidentification – DNA evidence or contradictory witness testimony may be able to establish that a witness or victim mistook you for someone else, thereby exonerating you from these charges.
  • Misunderstanding – In some cases, the accused and the alleged victim had very different versions of events because there was a fundamental misunderstanding about the situation. 

For any criminal charges you are facing, you can trust that I know how to investigate them, build an effective defense tailored to your case, and attack the prosecution’s case against you. I can also leverage my skill in the courtroom to fight for the best outcome possible in your case.

Learn about how I can build a tailored defense in your case when you call (303) 809-3425 or send an online message to tell me about your situation. I personally and promptly return all messages. The case review is free and confidential.

My Comprehensive Criminal Defense Practice

My comprehensive practice includes all phases of criminal defense representation, for both felony and misdemeanor crimes. Cases I handle include:

Using My Experience To Obtain The Best Possible Outcomes

As an experienced criminal defense lawyer who handles both felony and misdemeanor crimes, I have a deep understanding of the nuances of the law and the legal process. I understand what district attorneys are looking for and what types of matters can be negotiated out of court. My goal is to get client cases dismissed. If that is not possible, I work diligently toward the best possible outcome. Often I can also fight to get the charge removed from clients’ criminal records.

Whenever possible, I also try to get to the root of the problems that are facing my clients. If alcohol or drug abuse is part of the issue, I will work to get DUI and drug offenders into rehabilitation programs as an alternative to incarceration.

To get help for your criminal charges, call me at (303) 809-3425. Or send an online message and tell me about your situation. I will return all messages promptly and personally.