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Statute of Limitations for Sexual Assault in Colorado 

It’s not uncommon for crimes of sexual assault not to be reported to authorities. According to the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 63% of all sexual assaults are not reported. Young people are less likely to report the crime. On the other hand, sex crimes are some of the most fervently prosecuted crimes in the…

What Is Considered Parental Kidnapping in Colorado? 

Child custody cases are often contentious and highly emotional. In some situations, they can get really out of hand, leading to allegations of parental kidnapping. If you are being accused of this serious charge, you must work with a Lakewood criminal defense lawyer who is experienced in handling these serious cases. Contact The Law Offices…

What Colorado’s new domestic violence law means for defendants

Criminal codes in Colorado change over time to better reflect societal concerns. Smartphones have led to a massive increase in distracted driving, forcing state lawmakers to take action to prohibit conduct that could endanger others by implementing new laws that ban texting while driving. If you or a loved one is accused of domestic violence,…