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Hundreds of drug cases quietly dropped in Florida

After reviewing over 250 drug cases handled by a corrupt former sheriff's deputy, more than 100 charges were dropped, and the sentences of eight people were vacated. Several people have also filed lawsuits against the former deputy. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement is investigating.

The officer's credibility was destroyed after body cam footage came to light that showed him using a roadside test to determine if a substance he allegedly obtained from a suspect's vehicle included methamphetamines. After the roadside test turned pink -- indicating that there were no drugs in the bag -- he shrugged, announced that it was "blue" and told the suspect that he was being arrested and his car impounded. He continued to press the suspect to admit to having drugs, even as the suspect tearfully denied the charges.

Domestic violence in the digital era: Turning homes into weapons

Modern homes are increasingly wired for control through smartphone apps and voice-controlled systems like Siri and Alexa. Lights, television sets, air conditioners, thermostats, security systems and even the locks on the door are all possibly connected.

As a result, domestic violence experts say there's been a distinct uptick in the number of victims who have experienced "digital abuse." In addition, the definition of what digital abuse means is beginning to broaden rapidly.

Fight back against charges of concealed weapon violations

A conviction for any type of weapons charge can have a significant impact on the rest of your life. Florida laws regarding the lawful use of weapons and gun violations are complex and strict, and it is in your interests to take any weapon-related allegations against you seriously. This includes concealed weapons charges. 

State laws of Florida allow residents to obtain permission to carry a concealed weapon. As long as you as you have taken the appropriate steps and have a license, you may be able to possess a gun for your own personal protection and other reasons. However, there are strict limitations on where you can carry your gun, and violations of these laws can lead to serious legal complications.

What do Florida drivers need to know about driving drunk?

You're on your way back from a cousin's house after sharing a bottle of wine. You had an extra beer at the grill and you don't want to leave your truck. There are a lot of temptations to drive with a buzz on in Florida, but it's never a good idea and it's almost always against the law.

What constitutes drunk driving under Florida law?

Woman faces serious drunk driving charges after crash

A Florida woman faces drunk driving-related charges after police allege she was intoxicated and caused a crash that resulted in the death of a woman and serious injuries to her husband.

The couple and their two teenagers were driving back from Orlando to the Jacksonville area after an evening at the Florida state championship football game. Their daughter was a cheerleader for her high school during the game.

Aggravated assault a serious charge in Florida

The word "assault" conjures up images of a punch in the stomach or a slap across the face. Aggravated assault, however, is much more serious than that. In Florida, it can be a serious crime, depending on several factors that include whether a weapon was used, the intent of the person committing the assault or the injury caused to a victim.

Aggravated assault often is determined to be a felony, while simple assault is a misdemeanor. If you are charged with aggravated assault, you definitely will want an experienced defense attorney on your side.

Fighting for the right to keep your driver's license after a DUI

You made the mistake that many Florida drivers before you made -- you got into your vehicle after you had a couple of drinks and headed home. You didn't feel drunk; you just felt relaxed. Perhaps your relaxed state caused whatever driving behavior drew the attention of the police officer who pulled you over that night.

Whether you participated in field sobriety tests or a roadside breath test, the officer felt he or she had enough probable cause to arrest you on suspicion of drunk driving. You probably already know about the automatic driver's license suspension you face, and you are looking for a way around it.

Florida middle schooler arrested on drug charges

A 12-year-old was arrested on criminal charges recently after he gave marijuana-laced gummies to kids in his gym class, according to the sheriff in Polk County.

The boy, a middle-school student, gave blocks of the gummies larger than the usual dosage to fellow seventh graders, the sheriff said. As a result, five of the six kids who consumed the edibles wound up in the hospital with symptoms ranging from dizziness to nausea.

Domestic abusers find ways to reach victims from behind bars

Physical abuse is only part of the complex formula of domestic violence. Domestic abusers are largely concerned with maintaining control over their victims -- and they may not stop trying to hold onto that control from jail.

That's been the experience of detectives with the Domestic Violence Unit run by the Flagler County Sheriff's Office in Florida. Because calls at the local jail are recorded, officers were able to determine that some abusers continue to harass their victims remotely. Even no contact orders won't always stop an abuser who is really determined.

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