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Florida middle schooler arrested on drug charges

A 12-year-old was arrested on criminal charges recently after he gave marijuana-laced gummies to kids in his gym class, according to the sheriff in Polk County.

The boy, a middle-school student, gave blocks of the gummies larger than the usual dosage to fellow seventh graders, the sheriff said. As a result, five of the six kids who consumed the edibles wound up in the hospital with symptoms ranging from dizziness to nausea.

Domestic abusers find ways to reach victims from behind bars

Physical abuse is only part of the complex formula of domestic violence. Domestic abusers are largely concerned with maintaining control over their victims -- and they may not stop trying to hold onto that control from jail.

That's been the experience of detectives with the Domestic Violence Unit run by the Flagler County Sheriff's Office in Florida. Because calls at the local jail are recorded, officers were able to determine that some abusers continue to harass their victims remotely. Even no contact orders won't always stop an abuser who is really determined.

Fight domestic violence charges that follow a Florida hurricane

Hurricane Michael left parts of Florida devastated in its wake, with homes swept away, power lines knocked out and whole neighborhoods gone when it struck in mid-October.

We've seen the images in still photos and on television. What we haven't seen is the effect that the storm has had on families in terms of domestic violence.

Some drug charges collapse with the right defense

If you are facing criminal charges, it is easy to feel like the world is against you. Fortunately, every suspect who has been arrested has at least one ally. Beyond the support of family and friends, a lawyer can build a defense and challenge possible evidence used to file the complaint against you.

Attorneys are equipped with the knowledge and ability to build a defense against drug charges among other types of problems in criminal law. Many lesser charges may be dropped or further reduced based on a challenge of the facts or a law enforcement officer's perception of events compared to the suspect's or a bystander's observations.

What happens if charged with stalking in Florida

If you are facing charges of stalking in Florida, you may not be sure what you are up against. Conviction of criminal charges of any kind can lead to serious consequences, such as time behind bars and other life-altering penalties. Stalking is a serious allegation, and you would be wise to take immediate action to develop an appropriate defense strategy.

One of the first steps to developing a strong defense plan is to understand the nature of the charges against you. Stalking involves a pattern of behavior that indicate malicious intent, and it can include various types of harassment. Florida laws define stalking as repeated harassing behavior or following another person in a way that communicates the potential threat of harm.

Accused of domestic violence? Get a Florida attorney on your side

You've been accused of domestic violence, and you know you didn't do anything wrong. You're justified in feeling scared. You could lose your job, your home and your kids – and you could wind up in jail.

So, what happens from here?

What is an aggravated felony in Florida?

If convicted of an aggravated felony, an immigrant in Florida and throughout the nation can face some of the most severe punishments possible. A conviction on an aggravated felony charge, either state or federal, can cause someone to be deported and barred from almost all waivers or relief that could stop deportation.

There are some exceptions to that law, but one thing is clear: If you are seeking to become a citizen or get a green card, you don't want to take any chances of having an aggravated felony on your record.

Florida man faces felony, misdemeanor DUI charges

A Florida man was arrested recently on a felony count of driving under the influence and causing serious bodily harm, as well as five misdemeanor counts of DUI causing property damage.

The man, 47, was taken into custody by Florida Highway Patrol troopers and deputies from the Monroe County Sheriff's Office after he crashed his car into a motorcycle on U.S. 1, according to authorities.

What are some reasons that teens get caught up in crime?

You never expected your child to get arrested, but then you got the phone call. Now you're just asking yourself how and why this could have happened. What factors pushed your child to break the law?

While every case is unique, of course, experts have identified numerous potential risk factors that can increase the likelihood of juvenile crime. A few examples include the following:

  • Access to firearms. Even though it may be illegal for your teen to buy certain firearms, is there any way for him or her to get them outside of a legal purchase?
  • Exposure to criminal activity and violence. Has your teen seen any examples of this in the home? If not, who does your teen spend time with at school or outside of your home?
  • Peer pressure. If your teen gets involved with a delinquent peer group, they may influence your child to do things you never expected.
  • Instability at home. Studies have found that having a stable, dependable family life can make criminal activity less likely. That is not to say it doesn't happen, however, even with those who come from loving, stable homes.
  • Violent media. Teens may be heavily influenced by the things they read about or see on TV.
  • Poverty. A low economic standing can lead to criminal activity, especially theft and related crimes. Even minor crimes like shoplifting may just link back to a fundamental lack of financial assets.

What you need to know when facing theft charges

It can be overwhelming to face any type of criminal charge. A conviction of even a minor offense can result in penalties that can alter the course of your life. If you are facing theft charges, it is in your interests to learn as much as you can about the charges you are facing. This will help you understand how to build a strong and effective defense.

Florida readers know theft charges can range in type and severity. You would be wise to take your situation seriously, no matter how minor your offense seems, and strive to develop a defense strategy that suits your needs and goals. Any type of charge is a threat to your future and freedom, and it is always worthwhile to confront criminal allegations to the best of your ability.

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