When your future is at stake,
hire only the very best.

Choose A Law Firm With A Strong Reputation And Excellent Credentials

In Florida and Colorado, you have plenty of options when hiring a criminal defense lawyer. So why hire The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic? To put it simply, it is hard to match my combination of knowledge and experience, my record of success and my client service.

Two Decades Of Diverse Criminal Law Experience

I’ve been practicing criminal law for 25 years, working first as a prosecutor, then as a defense attorney. I have an insider’s knowledge of the justice system; I understand how prosecutors build cases; and I closely follow changes in the law and how it is practiced. Cases are won or lost on the details, and I know the details.

A Record Of Positive Outcomes For Clients

While no attorney can guarantee results or make promises about outcomes, past performance is an important metric to pay attention to. I have been recognized and recommended by the Equal Justice Foundation for having the “highest rate of acquittals and dismissals,” particularly in domestic violence cases. While a not-guilty verdict is great, a dismissal of the charges is even better.

Personalized Attention And Client Service

When you are facing criminal charges, you receive a lot of judgment – from jurors, from acquaintances and even from perfect strangers. But you should never have to worry about being judged by your attorney. And when you hire my firm, you never will have to worry.

I’m not here to pass judgment or moralize. I’m here to help protect your rights and resolve your criminal charges in the most favorable manner available. You can count on me to listen to your side of the story, fully investigate your case and passionately advocate for you in and out of the courtroom.

Contact Me To Learn More In A Free Consultation

With offices in both Colorado and Florida, The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic serves clients in the Denver Metro area and the Palm Beach Gardens area. To learn more, call me at (303) 809-3425 or fill out my online contact form.