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What Registering As A Sex Offender Entails In Colorado

Most unlawful sexual contact statutes, even misdemeanors, automatically include mandatory registration as a sex offender. These conditions cannot be varied or discretionary with any district attorney or court. Regardless of what you may be told, the following conditions WILL be imposed:

  • You must register as a sex offender within five business days after being given notice to register. This means notifying local law enforcement every time you change addresses. You must register the exact address of where you are staying, including hotels for a week on vacation. If you are told by law enforcement to simply list your mailing or home address and you fail to do so, you are in violation of the statute and will receive another felony charge and violate probation.
  • You cannot have contact with ANY child under the age of 18, even your own. This means you can’t ever go near schools, parks, swimming pools or shopping malls or any other place where children are likely to be. And despite promises often made by district attorneys, you CANNOT remain in your own home with your own minor children.
  • You can’t use any computer, including smartphones. Ever. Including mobile devices necessary for your job.
  • You will have a curfew.
  • You cannot consume alcohol. Ever.

As grueling as all of that sounds, it often pales in comparison to the impact being on the sex offender registry has on your everyday life.

The Challenges Of Finding Housing For Sex Offenders

I work hard to keep my clients from landing on the sex offender list. I understand that probation requirements are only the beginning. Registered sex offenders are not allowed to live within 1,000 feet of anywhere children gather in most cities. While state laws limit landlords’ use of criminal records in making decisions about offering leases, housing applications are typically denied if the applicant’s status shows up on a background check. Even when sex offenders are able to secure housing, they are often ostracized, shamed and retaliated against when their status becomes known in the neighborhood. Without a skilled attorney fighting for your rights, a sex crime conviction typically means a lifetime of trying to keep your past hidden from the people around you.

Sex Offender Employment Restrictions

Like finding housing, finding gainful employment is also a challenge when your name is on the sex offender registry. Sex offenders are restricted from taking jobs in government agencies and any position that might put them in direct contact with children. While there are many industries and positions where a sex offender can legally work, it is still difficult to get a job, much less build a career. Many employers are reluctant to hire a registered sex offender for fear of the stigma, the potential loss of business, and the fear of the legal liability of possibly putting their other employees at risk.

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