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Lakewood Domestic Violence Penalties

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence in Colorado, many questions are likely running through your mind. What could happen if you’re convicted is what those facing accusations are generally most eager to understand. The Lakewood domestic violence attorney at The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic is here to help those charged with offenses that involve domestic violence in Colorado understand what they’re up against and fight to protect their freedom.

The Penalties For Domestic Violence In Lakewood

Domestic violence crimes in Colorado are governed by the Victims Rights Act, a civil statute. Some of the provisions of this statute include mandatory arrest after a 911 response, mandatory criminal restraining order, and no bond being set until after a Judge tells the defendant about the mandatory criminal restraining order, which functionally means at least one overnight in jail before Advisement. Officers can be fired and the agency sued civilly if any of the portions of the Victims Rights Act are not followed.

Sentencing for domestic violence cases always involves supervised probation and mandatory domestic violence classes, either 24 weeks or 36 weeks depending on the results of the domestic violence evaluation. They cannot be waived. Jail time depends on the underlying statute and charge. Some have mandatory jail, but most do not. Jail will be determined by the Judge at sentencing.

Can I Own Weapons If I Get A Domestic Violence Conviction?

Following a domestic violence conviction, one’s right to own a gun is permanently lost. If the case is dismissed, gun rights will be restored.

They will need to give up any weapons or ammunition in their possession within 24 hours of sentencing, not including weekends or holidays. They can turn things over to a federally licensed firearms dealer, store the items with a law enforcement agency or in a facility the agency has contracted, or sell them to someone legally allowed to possess them. Afterward, they must attend a compliance hearing to ensure they’ve gotten rid of all their weapons and ammunition.

Suppose a person has been convicted of three or more prior offenses involving acts of domestic violence and is convicted of another misdemeanor offense that involves domestic violence. In that case, it is a class 5 felony. Those convicted of felonies in Colorado are not allowed to have guns. It’s a lifetime ban, but there are legal options that can restore convicted felons’ gun rights.

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