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As a former sex crimes and domestic violence prosecutor, I have a proven track record that includes a high rate of acquittals and dismissals for clients. With more than 25 years of criminal justice experience, I am an attorney defendants can count on.

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The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic Offers Quality Criminal Defense Representation In Lakewood And Frisco, Colorado And Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

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Case dismissed without a trial, records permanently sealed

Being wrongly accused of a crime is like being in a slow-motion car crash, watching another car come toward you head-on, and not knowing whether you will live or die.

As a law-abiding citizen who spent a long, productive lifetime doing good, it was terrible to be misidentified and wrongly accused of a crime. The potential consequences of a wrongful conviction—and the allegation itself— were nerve- wracking and potentially life-altering.

Attorney Elaine Lukic pursued my case with vigor and with the utmost dignity and professionalism from beginning to end. She succeeded in having the case dismissed—without the embarrassment of a trial—and she also succeeded in having the court records promptly and permanently sealed.

We had regular, honest, productive dialogue about my case throughout the process and Attorney Lukic achieved the sought-after justice my case demanded. The results speak to her professionalism and to her skill as a seasoned attorney: ‘Case dismissed without a trial, records permanently sealed.’

– Former Client

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Case Results: A Reputation For Getting Acquittals And Dismissals

64 counts of felony sexual assault against the son of a U.S. Ambassador dismissed outright.