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Exclusively criminal defense practice, with specialization in domestic violence and sex crimes defense, by a former Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence Prosecutor with 25 years of experience.

If you have been arrested, charged with, or are being investigated in connection with a crime, you have rights that are protected by the U.S., Colorado and Florida constitutions. The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic can help protect them.

In these situations, your life as you know it is quite literally on the line. You need an experienced Lakewood criminal defense attorney that you can count on. Attorney Elaine Lukic has over 25 years of experience in the criminal justice system and is ready to fight for your future.

The prosecution has likely begun building its case against you, so it is critical that you do the same. Elaine Lukic begins working right away, carefully investigating all facts and evidence to provide mitigating information and create a more accurate picture of who her client is for the courts.

In every case she takes, her goal is to secure the best possible outcome for her clients.

Hire An Attorney Who Knows Both Sides Of The Criminal Justice System

Elaine Lukic worked previously as a prosecutor and has valuable insight into how criminal cases are handled by police and district attorneys.

Now, as a defense attorney and founder of The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic, Elaine Lukic can tap into that experience and leverage it for her clients. She is directly involved in all cases she handles and is available to discuss cases 24/7 for any emergencies. All of her clients are given her personal cellphone number, as well as her investigator’s.

If you need someone experienced in Colorado criminal law and Florida criminal law, call us today at (303) 809-3425 or fill out a contact form to speak with attorney Elaine Lukic. No matter how serious the charges you face may be, we will treat you with respect, listen attentively, and give you an honest assessment of your legal situation.

Sex Crime Testimonial

Case dismissed without a trial, records permanently sealed.

“Being wrongly accused of a crime is like being in a slow-motion car crash, watching another car come toward you head-on, and not knowing whether you will live or die.

As a law-abiding citizen who spent a long, productive lifetime doing good, it was terrible to be misidentified and wrongly accused of a crime. The potential consequences of a wrongful conviction—and the allegation itself— were nerve- wracking and potentially life-altering.

Attorney Elaine Lukic pursued my case with vigor and with the utmost dignity and professionalism from beginning to end. She succeeded in having the case dismissed—without the embarrassment of a trial—and she also succeeded in having the court records promptly and permanently sealed.

We had regular, honest, productive dialogue about my case throughout the process and Attorney Lukic achieved the sought-after justice my case demanded. The results speak to her professionalism and to her skill as a seasoned attorney: ‘Case dismissed without a trial, records permanently sealed’.”

– Former Sex Crime Client

Fighting For Your Freedom

Nothing threatens your freedom more than being charged with a criminal offense, especially domestic violence or sexual assault. As a defendant charged with a crime, you may be looking at prison or jail time, parole or probation, and a lifetime of restrictions placed on your civil liberties. Domestic Violence is a sentence enhancer that includes mandatory arrest, mandatory criminal restraining order, preclusion from ever again possessing a firearm, and a stigma that will follow you forever.

Attorney Elaine Lukic works to protect your freedom and ensure that they are not stripped away without due process. You won’t be left to fend against a faceless and uncaring government, and judges and prosecutors who treat their cases like numbers on a conveyor belt.

You can call or email Elaine Lukic today and take steps to prevent your freedom from being stripped away. She is an aggressive criminal defense attorney who knows the system and can get things done without messing around. Your first call needs to be to The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic.

Award Winning Criminal Defense Attorney
Meet the Attorney

Attorney Elaine Lukic Will Tell Your Side Of The Story

As a former prosecutor, Elaine Lukic understands that the government attorneys who charge and prosecute criminal offenses are overworked and desensitized to the personal element of their job. They receive a police report from officers who may not know all the facts and whose judgment may be biased. They don’t have a full picture of what transpired — and they usually don’t care to have the remainder of those facts illuminated after the arrest.

That is why it is critical for the defense to provide mitigating information and to fill in the blanks missing from the prosecutor’s narrative of events — a narrative that paints only one side of the story and presents a lopsided view of the incident to the court and judge.

As a lawyer who cares about her clients and their freedom, Elaine can help the court understand who the defendant, her client, truly is. She will take the time to develop the facts of each case, to understand her client and his or her concerns and to present a strong, aggressive defense in every case she handles.

For a free initial consultation, call 303-809-3425 or fill out my online contact form today.