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Attorney Lukic achieved the sought-after justice my case demanded

"Being wrongly accused of a crime is like being in a slow-motion car crash, watching another car come toward you head-on, and not knowing whether you will live or die. As a law-abiding citizen who spent a long, productive lifetime doing good, it was terrible to be misidentified and wrongly accused of a crime. The potential consequences of a wrongful conviction—and the allegation itself— were nerve- wracking and potentially life-altering. Attorney Elaine Lukic pursued my case with vigor and with the utmost dignity and professionalism from beginning to end. She succeeded in having the case dismissed—without the embarrassment of a trial—and she also succeeded in having the court records promptly and permanently sealed. We had regular, honest, productive dialogue about my case throughout the process and Attorney Lukic achieved the sought-after justice my case demanded. The results speak to her professionalism and to her skill as a seasoned attorney: ‘Case dismissed without a trial, records permanently sealed.'"

Former Sex Crime Client
testimonial stars
Elaine is my hero!

"She truly is THE superlawyer for domestic violence cases. I was wrongfully charged and felt defeated. She happily walked me through every step, thought, question, concern and has so much experience to back it up! My case was dismissed the day before court even started. It was then sealed. Her communication/response time is quick and on point and she works incredibly fast to get it done. Im truly grateful and so happy that I called her!!!"

Nicole Kimble - Google Review
testimonial stars
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value

"I called the Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic because I was so impressed with her credentials and experience and I needed immediate advice for my son. I called and left a message and Elaine got back to me quickly despite the fact she was in a hospital dealing with a family crisis. She talked to me and my son and asked a critical question that led to her searching records and finding out my son had no recorded warrants outstanding. This meant we would not need her services but she continued to explain to us what this all meant and any future possibilities. She did all this without charging us. Elaine cares and is so knowledgeable. We were so so lucky to have found her."

Harriet balhiser - Google Review
testimonial stars
Highly recommended

"She knew what needed to be done and how to do it in an efficient manner. She takes time to talk to you and actually listens to what you have to say. She is also very honest and open about the case."

Ryan cawthon - Google Review
testimonial stars
I felt she genuinely cared about my well being

"Elaine is a great communicator. She knows the judges personally and she did get me the minimum jail time for my 4th DUI. I personally have some mental health issues and really needed someone to hold my hand thru the process so to speak. This is where Elaine stands out from the rest of attorneys I interviewed prior to hiring Elaine. She very eloquently explained things to me in a calming manner to where I was at the most ease I could be the leading days to sentencing.. I felt she genuinely cared about my well being and put great effort into my case ultimately receiving the minimum of 90 days jail time. The worse days are now behind me, and I have Elaine to thank for the services she provided to me. Would recommend."

Matthew - Avvo
testimonial stars
Excellent attorney!

"Elaine Lukic represented me during a DV case. She was very professional and well-informed. She has a great legal knowledge and extensive experience. Elaine was always available via phone and email and answered all questions I had about the case and the proceedings. She persuaded the DA to dismiss all the charged in a very short amount of time. She did exactly what she promised to do and was a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Elaine to represent anyone. You will not be disappointed with her as your attorney!"

Karolina - Avvo
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Highly Recommend

"Elaine was a pleasure to work with. She was prompt, attentive and was in no way judgemental. She informed me exactly what I needed to do to proceed with my case and which files I needed to gather. She was completely transparent with me about how the case could go as to not set expectations. She advocated for me with the appropriate parties and eventually was able to get my case dropped altogether and my record cleared. A huge victory which no other lawyer I spoke with had any hope for. She knew the correct approach for my particular case and was efficient, friendly and encouraged me that i was doing the right thing and moving in the right direction. I am very very happy with the services Elaine provided and would recommend her to anyone looking for a lawyer in any of the areas she practices in."

Louis - Avvo
testimonial stars
very professional and comforting

"Elaine was very professional and comforting. She explained all the possible outcomes, as well as the most likely, of my first offense DUI charge. She kept me updated throughout the process and made sure I took all the steps necessary to achieve the best result. She made a very stressful situation much more bearable and negotiated the best possible settlement. I would highly recommend her."

anonymous - Avvo
testimonial stars
I will recommend her to anyone I know who needs her!

"I had a first offense DUI but it was bad. It was an enhanced one with property damage and leaving the scene. I was terrified as I have never been in trouble before. She was not only very comforting and informative but amazing enough got me the best deal and the least pain from this. It's been just over a month since the incident and I have no more court or anything. I know exactly what is expected of me and it's not as bad as it could have been! I highly recommend her as you can trust that she is going to do everything in her power for you. I am so glad I chose her, and even though I will never need it again I will recommend her to anyone I know who needs her!"

anonymous - Avvo
testimonial stars
Highly recommend and thank!

"Elaine truly cares for her clients. We felt very comfortable and informed throughout the case. She is very knowledgable and we highly recommend her. On behalf my family thank you Elaine!"

Sara Nicole - Avvo
testimonial stars
What a Relief!

"She did a wonderful job helping me to understand the charges against me and resolving the issue. Ms. Lukic was compassionate (which was totally unexpected in an attorney), professional and thorough. I was relieved to know I did not have to do another thing to "fix" this wrongful accusation. What a Relief!"

Betty Sue - Avvo
testimonial stars
I highly recommend her!

"Ms. Lukic represented me when some of my family's clothes and linens were ruined from mold damage at our moving company's storage facility. I had just had a baby and had no time for any nonsense and Elaine Lukic immediately handle the situation. In about a week, with one letter from her, my case was settled, and the moving company wrote me a check for $40,000!! If ever I need an attorney, she will be the one I contact, and I highly recommend her!"

Marisa - Avvo
testimonial stars
Great lawyer!

"Amazing woman with unlimited compassion, available to help any time, evenings included. Got my felony theft case dismissed, can't say enough about Elaine. Expensive but worth every penny"

Jeremy - Avvo
testimonial stars
Very professional

"Ms. Lukic is very knowledgeable of the law. She was very articulate and informative about the law and how it applied to my case. She didn't make promises that could not be attained. She clearly explained my options for me to determine how to plea. I feel the way she presented my case to the Judge, my sentence was reduced . I would highly recommend this attorney. Very professional."

Brian - Avvo
testimonial stars
Amazing and efficient!

"I was more than impressed with Elaine's level of professionalism and knowledge of the law. She was able to get my daughters case dismissed very quickly. She was thoughtful and kind and made us as comfortable as possible throughout. I would definitely hire her again."

anonymous - Avvo
testimonial stars
She got the outcome I needed

"Ms. Elaine was very nice and I was totally confident in her. She was very supportive and understanding.. throughout the whole case, I felt I was in good hands. And I was. She got the outcome I needed. I totally recommend her to anyone! She is very sweet and will do her best to represent you and your case and get the results you need! 🙂"

darrena Spann - Google Review
testimonial stars
My case was dismissed thanks to Elaine!

"Elaine was very knowledgeable and great to work with. She was there for me through my whole case no matter when I needed a question answered or was concerned about something. My case was dismissed thanks to Elaine! I would highly recommend Elaine to anyone in need of an outstanding lawyer."

Alexandra McClammer - Google Review
testimonial stars
Great lawyer

"Elaine did an amazing job for me when I was falsely accused. In the end, all charges were dropped and records sealed thanks to Elaine’s guidance and help. I had a lot of questions and Elaine helped get me the answers I needed. Great lawyer."

Anthony H. - Google Review
testimonial stars
You will be happy with the outcome.

"Ms. Lukic was so kind and professional. She put me at ease and advised me how I could file a motion on my own with no charge from her. She really has a generous heart, and I am so grateful to have been able to receive her help in my time of need. Please do not hesitate to use her. You will be happy with the outcome. God bless!"

Jen H. - Google Review
testimonial stars
I would highly recommend her

"I hired Elaine for a d.v. charge. Should have been nothing more than self defense. She went clear to trial with me and she got the charges dismissed. She was always fast to return my calls, and had an answer for every question I hade along the way. I would highly recommend her if you are needing a great attorney."

Brandy Mosher - Google Review
testimonial stars
She responded quickly

"I am so happy I found Elaine! She responded quickly and was completely dialed in from day one. She is fantastic at what she does and was a pleasure to work with!"

Kambo Scott - Google Review
testimonial stars
Very responsible with my case

"Huge THANK YOU to my lawyer for taking my case, she is very professional, understanding, honest. I was so sad this whole time and she calm me like a good friend. Very responsible with my case and kept me informed."

Gabby Enriquez - Google Review
testimonial stars
assured me I was in good hands

"Elaine not only took care of my case in the most professional manner, she also comforted me through all the hard times and assured me I was in good hands, my case was dismissed and I would recommend her highly"

Jordan Dotson - Google Review
testimonial stars
I would recommend her to anyone

"Elaine was very professional and highly knowledgeable. I would recommend her to anyone involved in a DV case."

Jeremiah Williams - Google Review
testimonial stars
She took care of everything

"Elaine did an incredible job handling my case. She took care of everything I needed and made sure I understood what was happening at each step of the process, providing much needed peace of mind throughout an otherwise stressful process."

Aidan Lester - Google Review
testimonial stars
Elaine can assure you the best possible case outcome

"Call Elaine Lukic right away. She won’t waste a second and gets the results you NEED. She is an extremely experienced and highly professional attorney, who will WIN. After hiring Elaine, I received over the top dedication and commitment to making sure I was represented to the highest standards. Previous representation or public defenders can often seem like they are working against you. Elaine can assure you the best possible case outcome especially when it feels like you’re out of options."

Charlie Safari - Google Review
testimonial stars
I refer her to everyone I know; she's incredible!

"Elaine represented my daughter on an extremely trying domestic violence case. She was unbelievably emphathetic and maintained constant contact throughout and got the entire case dismissed. I was amazed and highly reccomend her to anyone with a domestic violence case. I refer her to everyone I know; she's incredible!"

Marica Lukić - Google Review
testimonial stars
i highly recommend using her

"Elaine was so helpful and im so grateful that i had her as my lawyer! I highly recommend using her. She cares about her clients and makes sure they’re treated fairly"

Madison - Google Review
testimonial stars
Elaine gave me when dealing with a sensitive matter.

"I can't say enough about the peace of mind Elaine gave me when dealing with a sensitive matter. Supportive, informative and professional. Thank you"

Brian Latham - Google Review
testimonial stars
always answered my calls, my texts, and my emails

"I contacted the law office of Elaine Lukic after being falsely accused in a case from an alleged incident that was 14 years in the past. Elaine was very helpful in giving advice, and explaining the process of what to do, and what not to do. Elaine always answered my calls, my texts, and my emails any day of the week. I can't stress enough what a blessing it was to have her on my team! I highly recommend her law office if the need should ever arise."

Robert Sands - Google Review
testimonial stars
greatest blessings of my life

"Having Elaine represent me was one of the greatest blessings of my life. How is that possible you ask yourself? Well, you would have to know my story. Here’s a micro version. I was going in front of a judge facing a year in jail for multiple DUI’s and Elaine stepped in and got me a year of rehabilitation instead. Teen Challenge of the Rocky Mountains (180 Ministries) was going to be my home for the next year. This is where I laid down my broken self that included my addiction to alcohol and picked up a new way of life. This journey started 10 years ago and it continues to this day. I highly recommend Elaine Lukic."

David young - Google Review
testimonial stars
I recommend and the first I call if the need arises

"I would highly recommend Ms. Lukic. She helped me through a very delicate and difficult case, fast and with as little pain as possible. I am so glad I found her and, although I hope to never need her again, she will be the first I recommend and the first I call if the need arises."

Jeri Andersen - Google Review