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What happens if you get stopped on suspicion of drugged driving?

Say you remembered a must-attend appointment after already consuming marijuana or prescription pain pills. You feel like you are not incapacitated and can drive safely, but what if you get pulled over anyway? Since there is no breathalyzer or other device capable of detecting drugged driving, you may feel there is no need for concern….

Drivers: Edibles last longer than smoking marijuana 

Recreational marijuana may be legal in Colorado now, as it is in some other states, but that doesn’t mean that it’s legal to drive after getting high. This can still lead to impaired driving charges, just as if you had consumed too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel. That being said, simply testing positive…

Can a burp throw off a breath test?

An assumption people make about breath tests is often that they’re very accurate and dependable. They assume they can rely on the results in almost every case. After all, breath tests are one of the most common sources of evidence in drunk driving cases across the United States every year, so they must be incredibly…