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The changing status of kratom legality in Colorado

If you are a Colorado resident who seeks relief from chronic pain through the use of kratom, you could wind up confused as to its legal status in the state. Some people may never even have heard of this product, which is derived from the powdered leaves of a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia. There,…

Drug court might benefit some defendants

People who are facing drug charges in Colorado often want to know what type of penalties they are going to face. Many focus heavily on the possibility of having to spend time in jail or prison, but this isn’t always the case. Some people who are facing drug charges may qualify for the drug court…

Colorado has loosened how it approaches many drug offenses

Not too long ago, drug charges were less complicated in the eyes of defendants because most drugs were 100% illegal. Now, with so many states legalizing recreational cannabis, including Colorado, the laws seem confusing to those arrested for drug offenses. Although the state has relaxed its stance regarding controlled substances, we feel you should understand…