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Drug court might benefit some defendants

People who are facing drug charges in Colorado often want to know what type of penalties they are going to face. Many focus heavily on the possibility of having to spend time in jail or prison, but this isn’t always the case. Some people who are facing drug charges may qualify for the drug court program.

Drug court is a program that is overseen by the court that allows a person to go through rehabilitation and work through a specific set of steps in order to be released from it. Instead of having to serve time incarcerated, the participant is closely monitored while they live in their community. There is a chance of incarceration if the participant isn’t complying with the program.

Who is eligible for drug court?

There are various requirements for the drug court program. For example, the program is typically reserved for people who are at a high risk of reoffending and have a dependency on drugs or alcohol. The person must enter the program within 50 days of being arrested or having a revocation.

Graduating from the program means that the participant has met certain guidelines. For example, they must have more than 90 days of continuous sobriety documented before they’re eligible to graduate. Participants are provided with a handbook that enables them to learn the requirements and guidelines for their program.

Because there is such a short time limit for participating in drug court, people who are interested in it should discuss the possibility with their attorney as soon as possible. This may enable them to get into the program, which could change their life.