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What are the classes of felony theft in Colorado?

Being charged with theft results in penalties, fines, and jail terms. In Colorado, several situations can be defined as theft, including retaining a valuable thing for more than 72 hours after the agreed-upon time for return. To understand your options if you are accused of theft, contact a Lakewood theft and burglary attorney. If you…

3 times you could challenge the evidence against you in court

State prosecutors usually take on only the cases that they believe they can win. That means that there is enough evidence available to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that somebody violated the law.  Those hoping to defend themselves against pending criminal charges have several rights that they can make use of while preparing…

Drivers: Edibles last longer than smoking marijuana 

Recreational marijuana may be legal in Colorado now, as it is in some other states, but that doesn’t mean that it’s legal to drive after getting high. This can still lead to impaired driving charges, just as if you had consumed too much alcohol before getting behind the wheel. That being said, simply testing positive…