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Certain knives can lead to criminal charges

When people think of weapons laws, they may automatically think about guns. While firearms are a huge consideration when it comes to weapons, there are others that you should also think about. Knives, for example, can be considered cutlery, but they are also weapons.  Understanding the weapons laws in Colorado is imperative for anyone who…

What does it mean to have your sentence suspended?

Sometimes, one of the best outcomes of a criminal case may be for the judge to suspend a sentence. But what exactly does that mean for the defendant?  Typically, sentences are only suspended for relatively minor crimes, when a defendant doesn’t have a prior criminal record and/or when an option besides jail or prison may…

Could you face charges over a secondhand purchase or a gift?

You won’t obtain everything that you own directly from a retail store or buy it brand-new. Sometimes, you will receive valuable items as gifts from your loved ones, including on holidays and your birthday. Other times, you might purchase something that someone else already used to save money. Unfortunately, while gifts and second-hand purchasing can…