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What are the classes of felony theft in Colorado?

Being charged with theft results in penalties, fines, and jail terms. In Colorado, several situations can be defined as theft, including retaining a valuable thing for more than 72 hours after the agreed-upon time for return. To understand your options if you are accused of theft, contact a Lakewood theft and burglary attorney. If you…

When do Colorado theft offenses become felonies?

Theft and other property crimes have financial consequences for the victim. Theft could involve someone slipping a package of batteries in their pocket at a store, or it might involve someone stealing thousands of dollars in personal property from a single individual. Obviously, Colorado can’t treat every theft crime like the same kind of offense. …

What’s the long-term impact of a felony conviction?

A criminal conviction remains on your record forever, unless you’re lucky enough to be one of those select few who qualifies for an expungement or pardon. Convicted defendants are likely to face “collateral consequences” that extend far beyond their incarceration — meaning that their punishment continues long after their sentence is over. These complications that…