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Why does a minor crime suddenly result in a felony charge?

You might recognize that you made a bad decision prior to your arrest. Maybe you agreed to hold something for your friends and didn’t realize that there were drugs inside. Perhaps you had too much to drink and let someone at the bar goad you into an argument. You know that you might have committed…

What is a defense strategy and how should you come up with one?

Most of us have heard the saying that someone is presumed innocent until they’re proven guilty. Prosecutors have the burden of proving the charges beyond a reasonable doubt when trying a defendant for a crime. The defense’s role is to disprove or cast doubt on the prosecution’s version of events in hopes that they can…

“Porch piracy” can be a serious offense in Colorado

Tis the season for lots and lots of packages to be delivered to households and businesses everywhere. It happens every year around the holiday season, and this year is expected to see bigger-than-normal home deliveries as people everywhere are increasingly doing their holiday shopping online. This time of year brings out another regular occurrence: The…