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How does a criminal conviction affect Second Amendment rights in Colorado?

The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution guarantees the right to bear arms, but this right is not absolute and can be subject to state-level regulations. The state’s laws determine who can legally own firearms and under what circumstances. These laws are designed to strike a balance between upholding the Second Amendment and helping…

Is there a duty to retreat in Colorado?

Self-defense can be something of a tricky claim when trying to prove that some level of violence was necessary. On one hand, people certainly do have the legal ability to use force to defend themselves and those that they love. On the other, they need to make sure that they do this correctly to avoid…

3 ways criminal charges can affect professional licenses

It may take a lot of specialized education or possibly state testing for you to obtain a professional license. Having the right license can be a key component of your career development. From landscape architects to social workers, professionals in dozens of different fields may have to maintain a state license. Whether you provide divorce…