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What Colorado’s new domestic violence law means for defendants

Criminal codes in Colorado change over time to better reflect societal concerns. Smartphones have led to a massive increase in distracted driving, forcing state lawmakers to take action to prohibit conduct that could endanger others by implementing new laws that ban texting while driving. If you or a loved one is accused of domestic violence,…

How a domestic violence conviction in Colorado can change your life

Domestic violence is a serious issue that not only impacts the immediate victims but also has far-reaching consequences for the individuals accused of this crime. A domestic violence conviction can affect various aspects of one’s personal and professional life. Colorado has stringent laws in place to address domestic violence cases. It is critical to comprehend…

Potential downsides of Colorado’s mandatory arrest law for domestic violence

In an effort to combat cases of domestic violence and keep people safe, Colorado has a mandatory arrest law. If the police arrive at a scene of suspected wrongdoing and find probable cause showing that a crime occurred, then they are required to make an arrest. It’s not left up to their discretion. In some…