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Does it help to buy your own breath test?

You don’t want to get a DUI. You do still want to have a drink with dinner or go out for drinks with your friends. You just want to make sure that your BAC is under the legal limit. 

What you decide is to purchase your own breath test. You find it on Amazon and put in your order. Is this going to help you keep from getting a DUI? 

You can’t use it in court 

The first thing to note is that you cannot use your own breath test in court. For instance, if a police officer arrests you and says that you are over the legal limit, but you had a breath test reading that shows you’re under the legal limit, this isn’t going to be evidence that gets them to drop your case. 

The problem is that these personal breath tests are not necessarily all that accurate, and the police weren’t even there to see the situation in which you administered the test. For all they know, you had someone else take the test and then recorded the reading. So this isn’t going to get you out of a DUI in that sense. 

The way that it can help is simply by giving you a baseline reading so that you understand if you’re too intoxicated to drive. People often believe that they can drive safely and don’t realize that they’re over the legal limit because alcohol impairs their judgment. Having your own breath test may give you a reality check and keep you from driving, thus preventing a DUI. 

If you still do get arrested, DUI charges can have a massive impact on your future, so be sure you know about all the legal options you have.