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Will getting a DUI cost you your job?

It is an unfortunate truth, but it is possible to lose your job because of a DUI. Whether you drive for work or not, your employer may have rules that put an end to your employment with them. If you do drive for work, being unable to drive due to a DUI could limit your job prospects until you get your license back. Even then, the cost of insurance could be higher than for other employees, and your employer may decide that they no longer want to take on that risk.

Other careers can be negatively impacted by DUIs, too. For example, if you’re a medical provider or you work with children, your employer may refuse to employ you any longer because you’re a liability. If you have licensing through a professional board, you license could be put at risk as well.

A DUI case doesn’t always cost you your job, but you have to be prepared for the potential for it to do so.

You can defend yourself against a drunk driving charge

The thing to remember about DUIs is that you have an opportunity to defend yourself. You don’t have to plead guilty. You can fight back and question why the police stopped your vehicle, if the tests were performed by trained professionals, if the tests were handled correctly and more. It is your right to defend yourself, by law, because mistakes can and do happen.

What can you do if you want to fight a DUI charge?

The first thing to remember while fighting a DUI charge is not to say or do anything to give the police more evidence than they need. If you gave a breath sample, you may not need to do field sobriety tests. You also don’t have to be interviewed without your attorney present.

Once you’re released, your attorney will talk to you more about your case. They’ll look for parts of the case that can be scrutinized and work with you to try to mitigate the damage that could be done if a DUI conviction occurs. Take the time to discuss your case. You may be able to successfully defend yourself.