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Drug distribution charge dismissed for Colorado resident

Colorado has lenient regulations regarding recreational drug use, but you may still find yourself facing criminal charges when suspected of having intent to distribute. Understanding the distinguishing factors between use, possession and distribution is critical in asserting your defense. The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic provides the necessary legal arguments to counteract the evidence…

How eye movement can demonstrate impairment

Law enforcement uses standardized field sobriety tests all across the U.S. to assess driver impairment due to drugs and/or alcohol. This means that wherever you go in the country, if you get pulled over for possible DUI and the officer chooses to administer FSTs, you will undergo the same three tests. In addition to the…

Understanding felony theft in Colorado

According to Colorado laws, felony theft happens when someone intentionally steals someone else’s property with a value of at least $2,000. The Denver Post says that theft is among the crimes that are increasing faster in Colorado in comparison to the rest of the country. The penalties for felony theft depend on the worth of…