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Will getting a DUI cost you your job?

It is an unfortunate truth, but it is possible to lose your job because of a DUI. Whether you drive for work or not, your employer may have rules that put an end to your employment with them. If you do drive for work, being unable to drive due to a DUI could limit your…

What you risk when you plead guilty to theft charges

Whether you got stopped by a loss prevention professional when attempting to leave a store or your employer accuses you of pilfering business supplies, your first instinct might be to plead guilty because you don’t want to go to court. People worry about how the media might pay attention to a trial and may think…

Should defendants accept a plea deal for a felony offense?

The criminal justice system looks much different now than it did in past eras. Plea bargains, for example, have been around in some form since the 1600s, but they are more prevalent than ever in the 21st century. Today, plea bargains are deemed necessary to relieve overburdened court systems in all American states. These deals…