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Should I show remorse when accused of a crime?

When you are accused of a serious crime, it is difficult to know how you should react, both when you are taken in for questioning and when you are in the courtroom. Of cause, you should make sure that you only take the advice of legal professionals who are there to advise you on your…

What happens in a criminal case in Colorado?

Whether you have a close relative in trouble with the law or are facing charges yourself, you’re probably wondering, “What happens next?” After all, knowing what to expect can help you cope and come up with a plan. While not every case is totally straightforward, here is what you can generally expect: The arrest: Some…

Questions to ask your candidates when you need a defense lawyer

If the authorities arrest you for allegedly committing a crime in Colorado, you will likely need professional assistance to achieve the best outcome. It is safe to assume that most criminal defense attorneys have the skill to represent their clients. However, no two lawyers are exactly alike, which means that it is worth the effort…