When your future is at stake,
hire only the very best.

Questions to ask your candidates when you need a defense lawyer

If the authorities arrest you for allegedly committing a crime in Colorado, you will likely need professional assistance to achieve the best outcome. It is safe to assume that most criminal defense attorneys have the skill to represent their clients. However, no two lawyers are exactly alike, which means that it is worth the effort to find one that best meets your most important needs.

A great way to discover if a criminal defense attorney is right for your case is to ask your candidates questions. When your freedom and your way of life is on the line, no question is a stupid question. Prepare a list of questions relevant to your case and the charges filed against you before speaking with your candidates. Some questions to consider include the following.

  • Will you handle my case yourself or assign it to one or more junior team members?
  • How much experience do you have representing defendants in cases like mine?
  • Are you experienced in litigating cases that make it to trial?
  • What is your success rate in winning trials?
  • Do you have experience in arranging plea agreements or successfully negotiating for lesser charges?
  • Can you provide me with references from previous clients?

As you speak with your candidates and become comfortable with the questioning process, you may think of more inquiries related to your unique circumstances. The answers you receive will give you insight into which criminal defense lawyer is the best match for your case and your goals.

In the end, it is all about you and acquiring the most favorable outcome. The right defense attorney can make a world of difference in how your criminal case concludes.