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Drinking and driving penalties for drivers under the age of 21

When a law enforcement officer pulls over any driver and makes an arrest for driving under the influence, it may have serious consequences, but even more so if you are a driver under the age of 21.  We understand how important it is for young drivers to have a strong defense and fight charges of…

What constitutes stalking in Colorado?

Colorado takes stalking extremely seriously, and if you are currently facing stalking charges, you may have valid concerns about the penalties you could potentially face if convicted. While a stalking charge could lead to a felony conviction that could impact numerous aspects of your life, a harassment charge may, instead, lead to a misdemeanor. Just…

Domestic violence arrest results in police officer’s firing

It may be difficult for many people in Lakewood to understand the implications that come with an arrest (particularly when the alleged offense involves an issue as sensitive as domestic violence). Those who stand accused of such crimes may not only face the potential criminal penalties that can accompany such a charge, but also career…