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Domestic violence arrest results in police officer’s firing

It may be difficult for many people in Lakewood to understand the implications that come with an arrest (particularly when the alleged offense involves an issue as sensitive as domestic violence). Those who stand accused of such crimes may not only face the potential criminal penalties that can accompany such a charge, but also career ramifications (depending on their line of work). Then there is the social stigma assigned to those accused of domestic violence, which can often be difficult to shed (even in the absence of a conviction). Yet even with the emotion that such cases are bound to stir up, it is important to remember that criminal defendants are innocent until proven guilty. 

If one’s evidence is ultimately proven, the hope is that they can reclaim some measure of whatever it is that they may have already lost. A recent case involving a now-former South Carolina police officer serves to illustrate just how much might be at stake in domestic violence cases. The man was arrested after he allegedly head-butted a woman in front of her children. He was ultimately charged with domestic violence of a high and aggravated. Subsequent reports showed that his employment with the local police department was swiftly terminated shortly after his arrest. 

The concern with the rush to judgment that can often accompany an arrest for domestic violence is that not only will an accused offender be forced to deal with the potential social ramifications, but that the publicity that may arise from the case could prejudice any chance they have of having their claims heard by an impartial audience. For this reason, those accused of this crime may be well-served by working with a criminal defense attorney to help ensure their rights are protected.