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Man cited for recklessly making donuts on bridge in Mustang

A person doing donuts on a busy bridge has been arrested following a report of the behavior on the Southeast 17th Street bridge. The driver, who was not named in the report, was suspected to also be the person responsible for a similar stunt a short time later. He was cited for reckless driving and…

Think twice before refusing a Breathalyzer test in Florida

Do you know a police officer can arrest you on suspicion of drunk driving if you’re sitting behind the wheel of your car on the side of the road while the engine idles? If the officer determines he or she has probable cause to arrest you for possible DUI, it doesn’t matter whether or not…

Woman faces charges after ramming stopped vehicle

There is never a positive point in getting arrested for driving drunk, but fortunately, there are good things that can happen after the fact. A strong defense is necessary, but it’s possible to get charges reduced or dropped completely with the right investigation and support. A woman traveling through Jupiter struck the rear of a…