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Woman faces charges after ramming stopped vehicle

There is never a positive point in getting arrested for driving drunk, but fortunately, there are good things that can happen after the fact. A strong defense is necessary, but it’s possible to get charges reduced or dropped completely with the right investigation and support.

A woman traveling through Jupiter struck the rear of a vehicle stopped at a red light, and that’s when the trouble started. According to a May 11 report, the woman had stopped at the light prior to becoming angry and accelerating into a vehicle in front of her. She allegedly continued to yell, throw her hands up and curse at the scene.

An officer on the scene claimed he wasn’t sure if the woman intentionally caused the crash or if she was intoxicated and didn’t know what she was doing. The 61-year-old woman was arrested on site and charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon along with DUI.

She did take a breath test, which reported a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over double the .08 percent limit. She reportedly blew .214, .189 and .195 within a 20-minute period.

Having a high BAC is never good, but it pays to have a professional look into your case. If your reading is too varied, it could be a sign that something isn’t right with the Breathalyzer or that the test wasn’t given correctly. If that’s the case, it is sometimes possible to eliminate the charges against you completely, since the evidence is not supporting the prosecution’s claims. If you face other charges, it’s worth developing a defense for each individually.

Source: Palm Beach Post, “NEW: Woman rammed car stopped at light while drunk, Jupiter police say,” Hannah Winston, May 11, 2018