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Choosing an attorney: Prosecutors turned defense attorneys

You know that you want to find an attorney for your domestic violence charges. The charges are largely false, but with an alleged victim rallying against you, you know you need as much help as you can get. It’s important to consider working with someone who understands domestic violence laws but who also understands what…

Man hit by car was allegedly attacking girlfriend

Allegations of domestic abuse could get you arrested immediately, even though the situation may be complicated. You may have been defending yourself or a victim of a crime, but if the other party makes up a story that the police believe, it could be you fighting for your freedom. That’s why it’s so important to…

What should you know about felony charges?

If you’re charged with a felony, there are a few things you need to know. First, you have to understand what degree the felony is. Second, you need to know exactly which felony you face. Finally, you need to know if there are any good defenses that you should know about for the alleged criminal…