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3 ways criminal charges can affect professional licenses

It may take a lot of specialized education or possibly state testing for you to obtain a professional license. Having the right license can be a key component of your career development. From landscape architects to social workers, professionals in dozens of different fields may have to maintain a state license. Whether you provide divorce…

What happens if you get stopped on suspicion of drugged driving?

Say you remembered a must-attend appointment after already consuming marijuana or prescription pain pills. You feel like you are not incapacitated and can drive safely, but what if you get pulled over anyway? Since there is no breathalyzer or other device capable of detecting drugged driving, you may feel there is no need for concern….

When can evidence be inadmissible in court?

Evidence is a crucial part of any legal proceeding. This is because prosecutors use it to connect the defendant to the crime, and the defense team uses it to show the defendant is innocent. Also, using evidence correctly is the key to convicting someone or keeping them from being convicted. First, however, the evidence presented…