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Know your rights when the cops are at the door

Would you know what to do if the cops got called out on a noise complaint at your house party? You should, because the repercussions from not understanding your Constitutional rights can reverberate across all aspects of your life – now, and in the future. One student in Boulder didn’t and suffered the consequences. Below…

Can a burp throw off a breath test?

An assumption people make about breath tests is often that they’re very accurate and dependable. They assume they can rely on the results in almost every case. After all, breath tests are one of the most common sources of evidence in drunk driving cases across the United States every year, so they must be incredibly…

Colorado lawmakers tackle the issue of police lying to juveniles

Law enforcement officers can legally lie to suspects to get them to confess to a crime. They may tell them they have evidence they don’t have or that someone else turned on them, for example. However, when it’s a couple of 50-something detectives lying to a 16-year-old, it doesn’t seem right to many people. That…