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Will my child get financial aid after a juvenile conviction?

After the police broke up a party that involved your child, you learned they were arrested for underage drinking. Other people at the party identified your child, so it will be difficult to get the charges dismissed.

Your child is a young teenager, which means they are curious about the world.

You try to protect your child, but it isn’t easy

At this stage of your child’s development, they think they are immortal. You have found your teen pushing boundaries beyond what you believe to be safe — but they think you are trying to stop them from having fun.

Your teenager is at a stage of their life where they feel like they can get away with anything they do. While pushing the boundaries is a natural part of their development, they also need to know they can get into trouble with the law.

Could a charge of underage drinking stop my child’s college plans?

No. The Federal Student Aid website says that drug convictions will not affect your child’s eligibility for financial aid. As long as they honestly answer a worksheet while filling out their financial aid application, they should be able to receive financial aid.

Convictions for other types of crimes could have a negative effect on a student’s eligibility for financial aid.

Where your child is housed affects their ability to get financial aid

If your child is sent to a state institution, they will not receive federal student loans or Pell Grants. While they may be eligible for Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (FSEOG), they may not receive one because these are reserved for students receiving the Pell Grant.

Being held in an institution other than a state institution means they are eligible for the Pell Grant.