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Could you face charges over a secondhand purchase or a gift?

You won’t obtain everything that you own directly from a retail store or buy it brand-new. Sometimes, you will receive valuable items as gifts from your loved ones, including on holidays and your birthday. Other times, you might purchase something that someone else already used to save money. Unfortunately, while gifts and second-hand purchasing can…

Field sobriety tests are not 100% accurate

A field sobriety test is done to determine if someone is under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, the tests are not 100% accurate, which can lead to mistaken arrests and convictions.  Below is what you need to know about inaccurate field sobriety tests. What kinds of field sobriety tests are there? Different types…

Defending yourself against theft and burglary charges

After being charged with entering a building and committing theft, you may be pretty worried. You may not even remember what happened at that time. The state of Colorado always treats robbery, theft and burglary as felonies. This means, that if you have been accused of one of these crimes, it is a serious matter….