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With 20 years of experience in the criminal justice system, I know how to get positive results for clients who have been charged with a criminal offense. With insider knowledge and a drive to win, I am the attorney defendants turn to when dismissal — and freedom — is their goal.

High Rate Of Dismissals And Acquittals

Recognized by the Equal Justice Foundation for my “high rate of
acquittals and dismissals” in domestic violence cases.

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With a background in criminal prosecution, I have the know-how and insight
to stand-up for your constitutional rights.

Domestic Violence Defense

Falsely accused? Misunderstood? Targeted by a spiteful significant other?
I can help.

Sexual Assault Defense

I don’t judge. I provide mitigating evidence to the
court to paint a complete, accurate picture.

"The Highest Rate Of Acquittals and Dismissals"
— Equal Justice Foundation
"The Highest Rate Of Acquittals and Dismissals"
— Equal Justice Foundation

Not all impaired driving incidents stem from alcohol

Many people don’t realize that alcohol isn’t the only thing that can impair their ability to drive. It’s possible that drugged driving could also lead to a charge of driving under the influence (DUI).

It’s a bit more difficult for law enforcement officers to determine when a person is driving under the influence of drugs. This is because there isn’t widespread testing that can provide an accurate account of the level of drugs that’s impacting the person’s ability to drive. 

Drugged driving can come from surprising substances

Drugged driving can come from illegal drugs, but it’s also possible that it can stem from over-the-counter drugs or prescription medications. The key here is that the substance has to impair the person’s ability to drive safely. Some medicines have warnings that the user shouldn’t operate heavy machinery, which would include driving a vehicle. 

For example, diphenhydramine is a common allergy medication that some people take without a second thought. The issue is that it causes drowsiness, which can make it impossible for a person to drive safely. 

Before anyone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle after taking a medication or using an illegal drug, they should determine how it’s going to affect them. If they’re drowsy, dizzy or have any other side effects that can change their ability to drive, they should avoid operating a vehicle.

When you’re facing a drugged driving charge over your medication 

Individuals who are facing drugged driving charges should learn about their defense options. It’s best to do this as early in the case as possible so that they don’t have to rush to decide. The defense strategy can have a big impact on the person’s future.