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How can a disorderly conduct charge affect you in Colorado?

Being charged with disorderly conduct can be a shock, especially if you thought you were just exercising your right to free speech. Disorderly conduct charges do sometimes occur when they shouldn’t, which leads to people facing charges when the reality is that their rights were violated. There are some significant differences between being disorderly and…

What is the legal limit for alcohol for commercial drivers in Colorado?

Odds are that you’re well aware of the legal limit of .08% blood alcohol content (BAC) for driving in Colorado, as this is the same in all 50  states. If your BAC is recorded as .08% or higher, the authorities can presume you are impaired. You don’t have to break the limit to be impaired…

The changing status of kratom legality in Colorado

If you are a Colorado resident who seeks relief from chronic pain through the use of kratom, you could wind up confused as to its legal status in the state. Some people may never even have heard of this product, which is derived from the powdered leaves of a tree indigenous to Southeast Asia. There,…