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Can you be arrested for a DUI if you’re under the limit in Colorado?

In Colorado, the legal limit for driving after drinking is .08%. At a .08% blood alcohol concentration, the state automatically assumes that you are too impaired to drive safely. This is the per se limit, which means that the police or authorities need no other evidence to show your impairment. Colorado has two different kinds…

Young offenders must not be treated like adults

When young people are arrested, the results of that arrest can define the rest of their lives. They may not even grasp the gravity of the situation at the time, but anything they say and do can have a long-term impact on their future. For this reason, the courts have determined that the authorities cannot…

One drink might be more than you think

You meet with a friend about a business the two of you want to open. It’s a Friday evening, and you simply meet at their house for an hour or so to talk. The meeting goes well. As it wraps up, your friend asks if you want to have a drink to celebrate.  You initially…