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Criminal charges do not always result in convictions

The criminal justice system in Colorado can be intimidating and confusing, which can make it easy to give up and accept whatever happens to you. But just because there are complexities about arrests, investigations and prosecutions does not mean you are helpless. You may be able to mount a defense to the charges you face. This can result in lesser sentences if any are even ordered in the first place. The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic have successfully represented many clients facing criminal charges.

You may assume that you have no chance to stand up to the police and judges, but if you have a defender on your side, you can put up a fight. It may be true that you alone don’t have the knowledge, resources or experience necessary to push back on the criminal justice system. But having a criminal defense attorney means you get help from someone with expertise in defending the accused and knowledge of the criminal law system.

Defending against your charges may mean your case gets dismissed. But even when that is not possible, you may get a less harsh sentence or fine. You may also be able to get the charge removed from your criminal record. Additionally, if your case involves alcohol or drug abuse, you may be able to receive rehabilitation instead of incarceration.

If you are facing criminal charges, you do not need to be alone and confused. Although challenging the charges may seem daunting, you may end up walking away without a conviction. More information about criminal defense is available on our website.