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What is a drug court?

Drug crimes often differ from other crimes in Colorado. Many times, individuals who law enforcement picks up on a drug charge have an addiction problem. They are very aware that what they have done is wrong but do not have control over their actions due to the addiction to the substance. Because of this, the legal system developed drug court.

A drug court, according to the Colorado Judicial Branch, is a special court that hears drug cases. The first instinct of this type of court is not punishment. It is providing help. Rather than put you in jail, the court offers treatment programs. If you successfully finish treatment and other conditions set by the court, then you walk away with the whole incident behind you and no jail time on your record.

You may go to drug court if the prosecutor or your probation officer thinks it is a good alternative option for you. The court does conduct screenings to see if you are willing to undergo treatment and if you want to get help. It is essential that you have an interest in the program and want to do it.

Once you start drug court, you head immediately into treatment. It is intensive at first and usually requires meetings with a probation officer and the court on a regular basis. The next step is continuing your treatment with a reduction in the number of meetings. Finally, the last step is completing your treatment, paying off all court costs and completing any other requirements. This information is for education and is not legal advice.