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Domestic abusers find ways to reach victims from behind bars

Physical abuse is only part of the complex formula of domestic violence. Domestic abusers are largely concerned with maintaining control over their victims — and they may not stop trying to hold onto that control from jail. That’s been the experience of detectives with the Domestic Violence Unit run by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office…

Fight domestic violence charges that follow a Florida hurricane

Hurricane Michael left parts of Florida devastated in its wake, with homes swept away, power lines knocked out and whole neighborhoods gone when it struck in mid-October. We’ve seen the images in still photos and on television. What we haven’t seen is the effect that the storm has had on families in terms of domestic…

Some drug charges collapse with the right defense

If you are facing criminal charges, it is easy to feel like the world is against you. Fortunately, every suspect who has been arrested has at least one ally. Beyond the support of family and friends, a lawyer can build a defense and challenge possible evidence used to file the complaint against you. Attorneys are…