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Falsely arrested in Florida? You deserve strong representation

Frequently, we hear of cases that show why it’s so important to pursue a vigorous defense in a criminal case.

Consider this recent case. Florida prosecutors have had to drop 119 cases that involve a former deputy in Jackson County who was accused of planting drugs in cars. The motorists had been stopped for a variety of alleged traffic offenses and wound up being hauled to jail and charged with a drug offense, including possession of methamphetamine or other controlled substances.

The deputy was fired Sept. 10, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement is continuing its investigation. Some of the instances of his alleged planting of drugs are said to have been captured by his own body camera.

In all, it is believed more than 250 cases involving the deputy are being investigated.

In one day alone, a Jackson County judge dismissed 49 cases related to the deputy. Another judge approved the release of at least five people incarcerated at correctional facilities in North Florida.

In newspaper interviews, some people who had been arrested by the former deputy talked about how they had been impacted. One woman said she pleaded no contest to the charges filed against her and spent a few weeks in jail, even though she was innocent. Another woman said her brother wound up spending a year in a residential rehabilitation center. Another woman discussed the memory of vehemently denying the drugs were hers and being arrested anyway.

Anyone charged with drug crimes, or any criminal charge, deserves dedicated representation and a strong defense. No innocent person should lose a job, have their reputation left in tatters or spend time in jail for a crime not committed.