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Florida man sentenced to life in prison for DUI manslaughter

A Pace, Florida, man was sentenced to life in prison recently after pleading no contest in the death of two sisters. The man, 35, was charged with two counts of DUI manslaughter in the May 6 crash that killed two sisters, ages 17 and 7. Witnesses testified at a hearing that the man had spent…

What acts lead to terrorism charges in Florida?

We hear so much about terrorism these days in Florida and around the country. But just what constitutes terrorism? For a prosecutor to file a terrorism charge, the intent of the crime must be known. When we think about the word “terrorism,” we think about violent crimes, such as shootings or bombings. But to qualify…

What is probable cause for a DUI stop in Florida?

You’re driving home along a Florida highway after attending a going-away party for a colleague and you see the red light in the mirror. Yes, you’ve had a bit to drink but not so much that you think you’re legally drunk. So can you be pulled over? The officer must have had reasonable suspicion of…