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DUIs have long-term consequences that threaten your future

There are many administrative penalties for DUIs, but perhaps more damaging are the penalties that don’t come from the law. After a DUI, the charges and potential conviction aren’t the only issues you could run into.

It’s important to defend yourself against a DUI because of the damage it can do to your reputation. Here are a few ways a conviction could hurt you.

1. You’ll face fines and fees

After a conviction for a DUI, you’ll likely face fines or fees for the court’s time and as a penalty. On top of this, your insurance is likely to go up.

2. You could lose your job

It’s fairly well-known that people who get DUIs could lose their jobs. If you don’t have a job but go to college, you could lose your federal funding or scholarships. If you’re the president of an organization, you could be asked to step down. Of course, you have a right to fight the dismissal from a job or club because of a DUI, but the rules in each of these facilities might stop you from being where you want to be.

3. You could lose your professional licenses

If you’re a doctor, attorney or other professional, a DUI could threaten your professional license. It’s vital to protect yourself early in your case to prevent the loss of your license, so you can continue to work in the field you love.

These are just a few long-term consequences you could face due to a DUI. Your attorney can help you fight against the DUI, so you can protect yourself.

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