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Effectively fighting charges of drug possession

Florida readers who are currently facing drug charges of any kind likely feel overwhelmed and frightened by their circumstances. Even if you believe the charges are baseless, your situation is still grave, and there is much at stake. You would be prudent, no matter the circumstances of your case, to work on a defense strategy that meets your needs and helps you reach your objectives.

If you are facing drug possession charges, you have no time to lose in seeking defense guidance. It is possible to confront the charges against you and fight for your best outcome, but this is not something you must do alone. In fact, when your future and personal freedom are at stake, experience matters.

What should you know about drug possession?

There are both state and federal laws in place that prohibit the possession of certain types of drugs. A person found in possession of illegal controlled substances, such as LSD, cocaine, heroin and club drugs, could face serious criminal charges. Even if the person has not actually ingested the drug or is not high at the time of arrest, he or she could face grave consequences for simply possessing the drug.

Possession involves much more than simply being caught with illegal drugs. The prosecution will not be able to get a conviction if they cannot prove the following:

  • You knew that you had possession of the drug, and you were aware that you had control over it.
  • You were aware of the fact that the drug in your possession was an illegal controlled substance.

There are varying degrees and types of possession charges. For example, you could face harsher penalties if convicted of possession with the intent to sell or distribute to others. No matter the details of your arrest or the evidence against you, a conviction or guilty plea is never your only option.

The defense you deserve

It is always smart to defend yourself against criminal charges, even if you are innocent or believe that the case against you is too strong. No matter how dire your circumstances are, you always have the right and the ability to fight back.

It may be useful to start with a complete evaluation of your case. This can help you understand your defense options and allow you to move forward with the most appropriate course of action for your situation. Drug charges are serious, but you can fight back and fight for your future.