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Recovering from false accusations of domestic violence

It’s not uncommon for people to be falsely accused of a crime and domestic violence is no exception. There’s plenty of reasons why someone would falsely accuse another of domestic violence. False accusations against you can ruin your life. You might lose your job, find yourself kicked out of school, and even in jail if…

Man killed in DUI crash; driver faces 21 years in prison

There is no worse tragedy than the loss of life, no matter who it is. It is particularly difficult to find out about those who are getting married ending up in life-ending collisions, because they were just starting their lives with their loved ones. The saddest part about traffic accidents is that most of them…

Improper use of medical marijuana is no small matter

Medical marijuana is now legal in Florida, which is great news for individuals with certain medical conditions. By passing this law, people now have access to something that will allow them to experience less pain and fewer complications when dealing with certain ailments and disabling issues. However, medical marijuana is not easy to get, and…