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Arming yourself with information may help you avoid DUI problems

As summer winds down in Florida, you may be one of many who are trying to make the most of your free time, perhaps getting in a few final trips to the beach before heading back to college or simply gathering with friends at your favorite restaurant or pub. The problem is if the information you have regarding how to avoid DUI problems is misguided, your summer time fun might wind up being akin to a living nightmare you’d like to forget.

For instance, someone may have told you that if you stick to milder types of alcohol, such as white wine or pale ales, you decrease your chances of getting behind the wheel with too much alcohol in your system. Not only is that information not factual, it can lead to a collision, legal problems, or both.

Get the facts straight before you imbibe

Making sure you clearly understand the possible implications of alcohol in your bloodstream and arming yourself with facts regarding drunk driving statistics throughout the nation may help you stay safe and avoid arrest. The following list contains important facts regarding alcohol-related impaired driving:

  • Type of alcohol irrelevant: How many alcoholic beverages you consume within a certain amount of time affects your ability to safely and legally operate a motor vehicle much more than the exact type of alcohol you drink.
  • Quick-fixes not possible: You may have heard that you drink as much alcohol as you want as long as you consume copious amounts of coffee or take a cold shower before driving. Neither of these things can overcome the effects of alcohol in your bloodstream, and if you act on such misguided information, you may wind up causing an accident or spending the night in jail, or both.
  • DUI typically not first offense: Even though it may be the first time a particular driver gets arrested and charged with DUI, it is likely not the first time that same person drove under the influence of alcohol. In fact, statistics show that the average driver arrested for drunk driving has done so as many as 80 times before ever getting charged with a crime.
  • Teenagers especially at risk: Approximately 1/3 of all fatal accidents involving teenagers in motor vehicles are alcohol related.
  • Information plus responsible choices equals safety: The fact that drunk driving accidents have greatly declined since the 1980s suggests that when people know the facts and make responsible choices they keep themselves and all those with whom they share the road, safe.

You may be surprised to learn that even if you keep these and other helpful facts in mind and you do your best to adhere to all traffic safety laws, you may still not be completely free from risk of facing DUI charges in Florida. That’s because there are several other types of situations that may make you suspect, leading to a police officer pulling you over and filing charges against you.

If your car drifts over the yellow line or you’re driving without your headlights on at night, you can wind up facing serious legal problems even if you did not consume alcohol before getting behind the wheel. In any circumstance, avoiding conviction is often possible if you present a strong defense, which is often easier to do if you secure experienced representation before heading to court.