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Falsely accused of domestic violence? Do this now

Once that 911 call has been made alleging domestic violence, the odds are good that someone is going to get arrested. If that someone is likely to be you, even though you know the claim is a lie, this is what you need to do: Sit down and remain silent Running from the scene won’t…

Joyride or grand theft auto?

Children in trouble may be quick to defend themselves by pleading that they didn’t mean to do it. Whatever the action that prompted discipline, they instinctively know that their motives behind it may change the grown-up’s view of the misconduct, perhaps even lessen the punishment. In the adult world, the criminal justice system often takes…

Don’t rely on the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law without legal advice

In some states, you’re obligated to try to retreat from a fight if you can — with the usual exception that you aren’t expected to flee your own home rather than defend yourself. In Florida, the “Stand Your Ground” law allows people the right to fight — or even use deadly force — rather than…