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Protect yourself against false allegations of abuse

Allegations of child abuse have a lot of power — and some people have no reservations about using that power to manipulate or punish someone else if they think it will accomplish their goals. Whether you’re accused of abusing a child physically or sexually, one false allegation can destroy your career and ruin your reputation…

Disorderly conduct: When your public actions become a crime

Most people are on their best behavior when out in public. However, sometimes, circumstances get out of hand, and someone complains about your behavior. In some instances, the police show up to reprimand you for your behavior. If things don’t go well, you could end up with a citation for disorderly conduct, or worse, you…

Terroristic threats are a trap for unwary teens and preteens

If you’re old enough to have children in school, you probably remember a time when threatening to set fire to your English teacher’s desk or making an offhanded comment about wanting to shoot the whole band was either treated like a joke or — at most — cause for suspension. Doing something foolish like calling…