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Recovery Court promotes rehabilitation and responsibility

At The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic, we understand that drug charges in Lakewood often stem from a chemical dependency issue. The 1st Judicial District Court also understands this and offers Jefferson County Recovery Court, an adult drug court program that helps participants to overcome addiction by providing treatment, supervision and accountability.

Here are a few facts that may help you determine if Recovery Court may be an option for you.


If you have tried and failed to overcome your addiction in the past, and your probation for a felony offense has been revoked because of a violation that relates to your chemical dependence issue, you may be eligible for referral to the drug court program. You may also qualify if you need intensive treatment and have recently received a new felony conviction.

The program

Recovery Court lasts for 24 months. During this time, participants must engage in the following:

  • Regular court appearances
  • Intensive chemical dependency treatment
  • Random drug tests
  • Self-help meetings

The court may set other requirements depending on the individual’s needs as he or she works toward recovery.

The team

If you become a participant of Recovery Court, you will not be completing the program alone. Several people will be helping you as you make your way through to graduation. These include the District Attorney, the defense counsel, your probation officer, the Recovery Court coordinator, your treatment provider and your own personal support system of family, friends and peers in the recovery community.

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