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Can a DUI hurt your job prospects? 

It is important to tackle any misconceptions about DUI charges not being serious. The reality is that the state of Colorado takes impaired driving very seriously. 

A DUI conviction could see you facing hefty fines and even prison sentences in extreme cases or after multiple convictions. There are also many other factors to consider. The stress of a court case can take its toll on your mental health and familial relationships.

You also have to think about your job. What will your boss do when they catch wind that you have been in trouble with the law? Could a DUI hurt your career prospects

Are you a professional driver?

Driving may be the main source of income for your household. If you are a truck driver, cab operator or delivery person, you most likely have a specialist license. A DUI conviction could mean that you lose the necessary accreditation to do your job. Will your employer accommodate and find another role for you? If not, you could face the risk of being terminated and having to find another way of making ends meet. 

Do you have any other transportation?

Even if you don’t drive for a living, you may need a car to get to your workplace. Having to get a cab each day could defeat the purpose of working and public transport may not extend to where you need to go. 

Do you have a high-profile career?

Some occupations are highly visible to the public, so a drunk driving conviction can cause you to run afoul of a company “morality” clause. Teachers, lawyers, doctors and other professionals have to worry about their public image being tarnished — and how their employers will react.

Whatever vocation you are in, a DUI conviction could have a serious impact on your employment. This is why it’s crucial to build a watertight defense. Having a firm grasp of your legal rights in Colorado will help you to do this.