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What is “stop and identify” in Colorado?

People who are stopped by police officers often wonder what information they have to give to them. In Colorado, individuals who are asked to provide their name to an officer must do so because of the state’s stop-and-identify laws. Choose a Lakewood criminal defense attorney who will aggressively advocate for your rights.

If there is reason to believe that you committed a crime or will commit one, the officer can require your name and address. They can also demand to see your identification if it’s available. One thing that the officer can’t demand you provide is your Social Security number.

What should you do if you’re stopped by police officers?

You should try to remain calm so that you can invoke your rights as necessary. One of the first things to do is to ask the officer if you’re free to go. If they say you are, then you can simply walk away. If they say you aren’t, then you’re being detained, which could lead to an arrest.

Remember, that beyond providing your name, address and identification, you don’t have to answer questions unless you were driving a vehicle. If you’re driving and are stopped, state law says that you must also provide officers with your proof of insurance and vehicle registration.

You can invoke your right to remain silent under the Fifth Amendment of the United States Constitution. This won’t prevent an arrest, but it allows you to speak with your attorney prior to making any statements.

It’s always best to know your rights and the best way to invoke them. These points can come into the picture in the future if you’re prosecuted. Violations of your rights could be important components of your defense strategy. Contact The Law Offices of Elaine E. Lukic for a free consultation. (303) 809-3425